mercredi, mars 03, 2010

On "A New Way of Thinking" (Anonymous)

The Problem clearly exposed. Go read and think. Sheet. So right.

"As a consequence the internet as proven to be a generally more effective at disseminating disinformation than information. Because it works within existing networks it can strengthen and facilitate the actions of a healthy progressive movement, but -->not substitute for it, nor create it.<--"

Social media ARE effective, but definitely INSUFFICIENT. We need a new "CONCRETE CULTURE" -- off the Internet gateways.

"[...] Movement in that people are always on the move and interchangeable. They do not bond to place or one another, but rather move between increasingly uniform jobs, neighbourhoods and social circles to which they feel no particular allegiance. Speed in that the value is placed on doing everything faster, more efficiently. Natural, human values are slow and take time. Sex can be done quickly and efficiently, love cannot."

Our current lifestyle is unsustainable. We need to slow down, and find a way to "sacrifice" the non-critical, high-energy activities: travelling for fun, drive back and forth to work daily, individually buy electronics for entertainment -- funny hey, all these induced individual needs become simply useless if we learn to LIVE CLOSER ONE TO ANOTHER and start SHARING space, transportation, goods, food produce, books, knowledge, ideas -- the real stuff... Will materialism save us, AFTER ALL?

"[...] In seeking solutions we usually look for culprits in the forms of institutions and individuals, when they are entirely interchangeable and -->the real culprit is the entire value set and our way of understanding how we can and should live<--."

Right on the money, Bill.

"We need to educate ourselves about the possibilities that we have not even conceived and begin to build the structures and processes that will allow us to implement the broader range strategies and tactics that will get us where we want to go."

Nothing will change if we don't change ourselves. Sounds good, but will hurt, honey. So beware, prepare, share, and LET'S CHANGE ALL THIS.

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